Transform your gardens into something better

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Transform your gardensGardens can be transformed into beautiful spaces for playing, relaxing and entertainment. Several experts trade their services to design gardens into a more useful and beautiful area. Lachie Anderson Landscapes is one such garden designer.

Lachie Anderson Landscapes focus on beautiful and elegant Landscape design Melbourne. Be it for homes or for office spaces, Lachie Anderson Landscapes are well equipped to design both sceneries. Based out of Kooyong, they are capable of catering to all tastes and styles, as far as design and construction services for gardens are concerned. These designs vary from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary.

The mark of a qualified landscape gardener is his/her ability to provide a true reflection of the quality of work and Lachie Anderson Landscapes pride themselves in perfectly matching the architecture of home and offices to the desired look of the garden. Some of the previously designed gardens include trademark Lachie Anderson design elements, such as paving and timber decks, proper placement of pools and other water features to cool hot outdoor areas and also retaining walls using dry stone rocks. Lachie Anderson landscaper’s work towards creating a garden that suits the client’s image keeping in mind the soil and weather conditions of the area. From sandy bayside soils of Brighton or clay soils of Kew, all kinds of soil textures can be worked upon by them.

Their team of experts understand Melbourne’s unique climate and select plants that have suitable leaf texture, form and colour to suit today’s weather extremes. They have been trained in paving, lighting, brickwork, feature walls, drainage, pools pergolas and ponds, so that they can create a garden, which along with being beautiful, is also sustainable and functional.

Their services are not only limited to design, but they also provide restoration, garden maintenance and reparation of existing gardens. Their design process has the following sequential order:

  • Consultation: During this stage, client’s desires and requirements are discussed. On establishing the same, an initial appraisal of the site and scope of the project is confirmed. A proposal is then presented including a specific fee to perform the design.
  • Concept Design: Once the proposal is accepted, they conduct a full site analysis. This provides a comprehensive landscape design complying with client’s briefing. The client is then presented with the Landscape Concept Plan for review.
  • Design Development: After the client’s review, the initial design is amended, incorporating any desired changes to obtain the final plan. Post this; the client is presented with images and samples of proposed materials including plants for approval. Once they are selected, the detailing of the construction commences.
  • Construction Documentation: This includes the set out of the site, a services plan, a surfaces plan and a planting plan, a written specific and all construction details. Apart from this, there may also be a necessity of getting any useful inputs from building surveyors, engineers or council representatives.

The design team at Lachie Anderson Landscapes consist of Lachie Anderson and Bernadette Barker, both of whom are Burnley graduates. They have been working together for 15 years. Their qualified team of employees ensure high grade of workmanship in all aspects of constructions. Their long list of satisfied customers makes them an easy pick for designing one’s garden.

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