Things to Consider When Shopping For Band Saw Blades

Published on March 10, 2015, by in Tools.

best band sawIt is important to think ahead when it comes to most things. Selecting an appropriate blade for the best band saw is not an exception. Learn things to consider when shopping for band saw blades in this article.

Your safety and the work quality may be compromised if the blade used is an incorrect one. It is important to consider the material to be cut as a priority. This is because if the blade is pushed beyond its intended capacity, it might break, and this is never a lovely scene to behold. If it does not break, it will probably become dull quickly. Making the right choice, you will be able to use it for a long time.

Keeping note of your needs allows safe and productive work that delivers high quality output. If not on a paper or on your phone, keep a mental note of the following:

– Band saw type

– Band saw condition

– Type of material to work with

– What cut is to be done on the material

Working with a single blade for all possible purposes is plausible, but depending on the required application, using specialized blades give optimal results.

First and foremost, the blade to get depends mainly on the saw type. Stronger and thicker blades are needed for the two-wheel band saw, which is a large model. On the other hand, thinner blades are fitting for power tools like two or three-wheel tabletop units. This is because thinner blades were made to flex without breaking at greater angles.

Select your blade to properly match the strength of the material to cut. Blades are specifically rated for this purpose. The ratings are based on the material density and range from wood, to plastic, to non-iron metals, and even to tempered metal. The most affordable blade is made of carbon steel, but if you think the work needed is demanding, investing in a higher-priced bi-metal blade is better in the long run. Although their price tag is higher, they last longer than carbon steel.

Blades with a less number of teeth per inch cut faster, but give rough finish. Smoother cuts can be achieved by using blades that have more teeth. This is usually overlooked, but it is  better to consider. Moreover, measure how thick the material is. The blade’s teeth, at least two to ten, should always be in contact with it the whole time.

“Set” refers to the blade’s teeth’s angles. If the blade has no set, it means that its cut will just be similar to the blade size. If it has a raker, the cuts will be wider as the blade sets alternate and are wavy. If the blade is smaller than the created cut, turning your work for more intricately-detailed curves will be easier.

The width of the blade determines the size of the circle you wish to cut. The width measurement is from the tooth tip to the blade’s back. Tighter curves are achieved using smaller blades. The blade’s width has to be 1 inch if you wish to create a radius of 7 inches. If you wish to cut a 2.5 radius, the blade should only be half of an inch wide.

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