Keeping the wooden furniture safe!

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termite pest controlOften our wooden furniture is invaded with the life sucking termites only to reduce its strength, polish and glamour. These organisms won’t be visible until the damage has been spread completely through the furniture. Apart from wood, these organisms also feast on dead plants, paint, papers, and other materials with cellulose content. If these organisms enter your home and are not stopped timely, they will create havoc and leave behind destructed wooden furniture. Thus, it is very important to safeguard our homes from a termite infestation.

Causes of termite infestation:

  • Moisture: Termites are attracted to damp and moist places such as bathrooms, damp basements and wall foundations that have a leak.
  • Wood: These organisms mainly feed on wood and other cellulose containing materials. They also feed on wallpapers and paints. To prevent this mulch or any cellulose containing material should not be used in the home foundation. Rubber mulch is a much better alternative.
  • Foliage: Leaves when strewn about are a major attraction to termites. Prevention of foliage is important to prevent this drastic infestation. A safe distance of 28 inches from the foundation is necessary to prevent access of termites into homes.
  • Soil: The plants and soil of your garden are to be kept at a recommended distance from the house to prevent entry of termites. Another alternative for the structures kept on the soil are the ones that do not contain cellulose.
  • Moist air: Proper circulation and ventilation is the right answer to dampened and moist air at areas of the house such as laundry room, bathroom, and basement. Often, stagnant water creates a moist atmosphere which acts as a perfect setup. Exposure of such areas to direct sunlight or air from electric fans can ventilate the area thereby eliminating the moisture content.

If you doubt the presence of termites or witness the damage done immediately call a termite exterminator. Everyday Pest Control provides the best termite pest control in Melbourne. Apart from treatment of the infestation, this company also provides services to prevent infestation of termites. Expert and knowledgeable workmen help in inspection of the house and implement the necessary measures to control the infestation. Known for their quality work, this company provides service that is fast as well as reliable. The effective and prompt service ensures safe procedures that are devoid of risks to humans as well as pets.

They provide quick and reliable service. Moreover, the prices for the services provided are fixed and nominal. Based on the magnitude of the damage, quotes are provided. If you wish to get a free quote, call them now! They provide quotes with no obligations. As termite extermination is a highly sophisticated process, the professionals of this company are experienced, well trained and qualified thereby guaranteeing excellent service. Quick action is required if even a small area of our home has been affected with termites as if not stopped it will lead to more damage, which will lead to further costs at a later stage.

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