How to choose the best plasma cutter?

Published on June 13, 2016, by in Tools.

plasma cuuttingFollowing solids, liquids and gases, plasma is the fourth form of matter. It can be created by applying electricity to a gas. An electric arc is applied to the gas for exciting gas particles. It makes them electrically conductive. Plasma cutters use oxygen, nitrogen or environmental gas depending on the unit you use. Plasma cutter forces the gas inside the torch. Electricity is applied to the high pressure flow of gas. This electricity is generated from an external power supply. This creates a ‘plasma jet’. It has an extremely high temperature up to 40,000°F. This process allows for a very clean cut.

While choosing the best plasma cutters with built in compressor to use at home or in a shop, there are few important factors to consider. These will help you to choose the best among the many that are available.

Electric outlets

Plasma cutters create an incredibly high temperature. This requires a good amount of power to operate it well. Plasma cutters with inbuilt compressors can be made for 110 volt outlets or 220 volt outlets. They will come with their individual amperage rating. It is always to be remembered that plugging other tools into the same circuit forces them to share power.


The portability of a plasma cutter depends on how you use your device. Make sure that the plasma cutter comes with a handle. It should be portable and light enough, in order to cut easily. The best plasma cutters often come with built-in-inverters. These inverters help to take DC power and then use a high frequency transistor inverter to transfer it from 10kHz to 200kHz. It also allows for a smaller housing for the plasma cutter. It is ideal for carrying your device even on the road.

Duty cycle

The duty cycle and average thickness are the other factors to consider while choosing the best plasma cutter. These help to tell you how long the plasma cutter can be used. The maximum cutting ability and what thickness of material can be cut with it are the other details that depend upon the duty cycle of a plasma cutter. Thicker materials can be cut with the cutters that have greater duty cycles when at low amperages.


The plasma cutters with inbuilt compressor and inverter are quite expensive. The cutters with an impressive duty cycle also cost more. You need to make selection between a cheap device and a device that will last long and offer the best performance. It is recommended to invest on a plasma cutter that will be best from all the required perspectives.

To conclude, the plasma cutters with inbuilt compressors are the ideal devices for most of the uses around home. They run off a regular main supply. They can cut through material even with great thickness. The main differences that distinguish a best and a normal plasma cutter are the performance and design. These cutters will definitely leave you with a positive experience at all times.

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