How to buy a good wood router?

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wood routerA wood router is a device which is used to rout out the area in the face a comparatively hard work piece.

There are basically three classes of wood routers available. They are:

  • Plunge router:

These routers have a base which is fitted with spring. This enables in pushing the bit into the wood. The base can be adjusted accordingly and also can be locked as per your requirements. The bit used in this type of router can be changed without stopping the router i.e., it can be changed when it’s working by cracking the release feature and moving the base either outwards or inwards. This type of wood routers provides versatility in the functioning since they start cutting the wood from the center.

  • Fixed Base Routers:

The working of these routers is as the name itself suggests. The base is fixed and cannot be adjusted while it is working. Some of the basic adjustments available in all types of routers are that the base can be locked or unlocked easily allowing the programing of the bit. For molding of designs and also for cutting edges, in case of straight lines, these types of routers can be used.

  • Combo Router Kit:

If you are looking for more than just a plunge base or a fixed base router, then you can go with this combo kit. These have both type of bases and they run on a single motor. Since it is a combo of both types of bases, it gives the finest functionality. They are very much popular in market now-a-days.

According to the wood router reviews, the top five best wood routes recommended are as follows:

  • Dewalt DWP611Pk
  • Porter-Cable 690LR
  • Bosch 1617EVSPK
  • Bosch PR20EVSK
  • Dewalt DW618PK

When you are buying a wood router, you should make sure you buy the right one. Here are a few tricks and tips you can follow when you buy a wood router:

  • Make sure you list out the purposes for which you want to use it for. This makes it easy to determine the type of wood router you need to buy. It should satisfy all your need satisfactorily.
  • Make sure if you need a wood router which can be mounted on the table or the one which can be fixed on the vertical wood surface while working.
  • There are mobile tools also available. If you want to carry it from one place to another very frequently then it is advisable to select a mobile wood router.
  • And the most important thing, check the size of the cuts properly twice before buying them. The size of the cuts will determine the type of the router and also the bit type.

Buying a wood router is not that difficult also. Make sure you are clear about the utilization of the router and learn properly about each and every router. Read the safety instructions carefully before using a wood router as well.

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