Everything you need to know about water jet cutting

Published on March 12, 2015, by in Tools.

water jet cuttingCutting materials using water jet is possible and it has its own set of advantages. Read along to know more about waterjet cutting, its benefits and where can you get it done from.

So, what exactly is “waterjet” cutting?

Basically, it’s nothing but a method that uses highly pressurized water to cut through materials. What actually happens is that highly pressurized flowing water is made to pass through a very tiny opening, thus forming a thin waterjet that’s very high in speed and power.

Waterjet cutting can be employed in two ways. The first method employs the use of only water for cutting soft materials while the other method employs the use of an abrasive substance along with water to cut through hard materials such as steel. In the second method, it is the abrasive substance that actually does the job and not the water. The water is solely used to accelerate the abrasive particles in a stream that enables eroding of the materials, thereby cutting it in the process.

What are the benefits of waterjet cutting?

You might not know but this method for cutting materials has been in use for decades and with time, its popularity and applications are increasing.

One of the chief benefits for employing this method is that you can basically cut through almost any material. Be it concrete, high grade steels or soft materials like a foam, it can cut through anything and that too with high degree of accuracy, wherein lies it second benefit.

Waterjet cutting has very high levels of accuracy, which is why it can be used even in small workshops, as well as research and development institutes. This method will give you extremely accurate results.

This method is the best for cutting metals as it is a “cold cutting process”. As no heat is involved, there is no deformation of the metals and hence, the material composition is kept intact. Consider is as a very vital benefit of waterjet cutting.

Also, this method does not generate any type of toxic wastes, smoke or poisonous fumes. It does not affect the health of the operators or nearby people in any way. Hence, you can consider it to be a “Green Technology”, a technology that can be really used in factories and industries to cut down on pollution.

The “Water Cutting” technology gives high quality results that don’t require any further machining process.

Finally, by this method you can cut though materials that are more than 10 inches thick with ease!

So where can you get waterjet cut specialists?

Having read so much about waterjet cutting, if you’re looking for waterjet specialists, look no further than They are the best in this technology and have the right set of skilled technicians, professionals and tools required for the job.

Plus, they provide high quality, accurate results at very competitive rates and they shall keep you up-to-date throughout the process. Just quote them your price, send them the materials that need to be cut or get it collected by them, verify your results and collect the finished materials. As easy as that!

From glass to stainless steel and from concrete to aluminium, they are your best choice to cut through any material. You can contact them today!

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