A Useful Buying Guide for Band Saws

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band saw reviewsA band saw, a fashionable power tool, consists of a group of metal with ragged teeth to professionally cut throughout metal, wood, and further materials. It can make absolutely straight, bent, or uneven outlines, making it a necessary instrument in any metalworking or woodworking store. Read some great band saw reviews to come up with the right types of band saws.

When looking to purchase such a saw, it cannot be a simple choice, because there are lots of existing models. Each has diverse, distinctive features. You should know that the right type of saw depends typically on a few main factors, like your use and the range of the price. You should cautiously find the alternatives and then make an educated option. In fact, there are numerous factors you should think outlined below.

The mounting and floor-standing are the most common kinds of saws. For floor-standing, the further name one is a cabinet saw containing a big motor. It has more deluxe features rather than mounting saws that are tiny compared to floor standing ones but extra handy for home purposes.

Key Considerations

Once you have determined on the model, evaluate as follows:

Horsepower (hp) is the utmost power the motor produces.  The high HP rated saws are good intended for blueprint cutting as well as cutting thick stock. A superior HP also allows it to cut throughout wide stock lacking swamping down or flaming the wood.

Throat competence is the remoteness among the saw’s frame and blade. The throat finds out the highest the saw’s width cutting competence.  Wide throat ones let you make wider directly cuts and roll larger pieces with no obstacle from the edge.

The width is vital when getting a saw. The majority saws acknowledge thin 1/8 inches of blades for cutting in depth designs and stretched curves. In addition, better saws acknowledge wider blades that don’t bend mostly as thin ones, but they can make precise cuts without stopping in chunky stock faster. You will moreover find a number of wide blades that can slice metal.

Band saws appear in diverse sizes. The band saw size is acknowledged as the throat, the space from the blade to the body’s vertical frame segment. This space is a sign of the girth of the slash that can be created with the saw. Once it is advertised as “12 inch Saw”, the throat dimension is the detachment they are in respect to.

Other than the throat dimension, one must think about the motor size which is particularly significant for those who are using the band saw to cut in the course of metal or harder materials. For wood, the size of the motor is not a worry.


The thickness, number of tpi, and substance work categorize blades. To make your blade choice, keep in mind that it matches the width to the kind of cutting one is performing. When it comes to narrow blades, they are ideal for radius cuts, although they tend to bend and stroll when trying to make a long straight cut. Wide Blades do not have a capability to make the tense turns, narrowing ones can. They grasp a straighter column than their thin counterparts

With the high tpi, blades can cut slower, leaving a smooth edging. They are ideal for full work on slight stock. In case of a low tpi, blades can fast, leaving a rough edge to some extent. They are ideal for resawing cuts. When it comes to steel Blades, they are cheap and do a great job for cutting softwood, but they can dull fast in hardwood.


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